Kickstarter "Hall of Shame"

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Kickstarter "Hall of Shame"

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:50 pm  

Every effort has been made to insure that these projects are both accurate and up-to-date,
but both and the author specifically disclaim any and all liability for posting these
as a service to our membership. To the best of our knowledge every single thing here is factual.

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Projects will initially be listed here if fulfilment has not been achieved 6 months after the project's stated expected delivery date.
(As expected delivery dates are only estimated to the month, the last day of that month is used.)
(Though these will be reviewed from time to time and, on a case by case basis, may be moved if fulfilment is reached.)

[kickdown=]Funded in December 2013. Shipping due to start at time of writing (Jan 2014), 9 months after the forecast completion date. Whilst there is little doubt that the delays are not malicious and that everything will eventually be fulfilled, this project serves as an unfortunate example of hugely underestimating timescales and workload involved in producing a complex project.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in November 2013. Fulfilment forecast for March 2014, the project was delayed due to a legal dispute over IP. The delay caused by this was also compounded by underestimating production and shipping costs, and dropped pledges, resulting in insufficient funds to ship. Whilst the project creator has communicated well, and fulfilment does look likely, AND whilst it was impossible to predict the length of the delay caused by the legal action, the project is currently 10 months late (Jan 2015). (I was tempted to let this one slide because of the legal delays, but one can't help wondering if it could have been avoided, or dealt with before the project started with more thorough research?)[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in September 2012. Legal action from backers continue in early 2014.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in August 2013 and Due in December 2013 - Many rewards have been sent and received, however a significant number backers are still awaiting shipping in September 2014.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in Jan 2013 - Latest update Jan 2014 - Still attempting to fulfill orders.
UPDATE:Fulfilment complete November 2014[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded November 2013 and due July 2014 - Shipping started December 2014, but stalled in January 2015. Many backers are still waiting for decks in March 2015[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded February 2014 and due June 2014 - Unfortunately still shipping orders in January 2015[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in March 2013 - Failed to deliver any items - Last update July 2013 - Abandoned since September 2013.
Backers are taking legal action.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in December 2011 - Whilst many pledges were fulfilled, in late 2013 there remains a significant number of backers on Kickstarter reporting missing rewards, apparently without response.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in December 2012 - Some pledges were fulfilled. Last confirmed shipping occurred in May 2013 - In early 2014 there remains a significant number of backers on Kickstarter reporting missing rewards.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in November 2012 - Whilst remaining in good communication with the backers, shipping started in January 2014 - 9 months overdue.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in March 2014 and due August 2014 - The project was heavily delayed due to a legal dispute over copywrite of a particular part of the subtitle of one of the decks. Once printing was eventually achieved further delays were caused when it was apparent that the funds gethered during the project were not sufficient to ship the games/ decks. In March 2015 backers are still sending extra shipping funds on an order by order basis.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in September 2011 - A majority evidently received their rewards, however a significant minority of backers had not received rewards over 18 months later.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in October 2012 - As of February 2014 no backers have received rewards. Fox News covered the renowned project in a short piece in February 2014. The project has been referred to the Better Business Beureau.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded July 29th 2013 - Due November 2013. As of June 2014, Shipping progress is extremely slow. The project runner cites money problems after miscalculating shipping overheads. He continues to update and raise funds to ship by selling decks and art at conventions, though no final date has been put forward.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded July 23rd 2013 - Due November 2013. As of June 2014, last progress report on the design was in Feb 2014, and the last contact at the start of May. The original story behaind delays were that the design work had landed the project designer a job, and he had allowed that to take precedence. Backers were understandably put out. Subsequent explanations have cited depression, anxiety and personal circumstances, however with no real end in sight backers are also anxious for progress.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in July 2012 - Some backers have received their rewards, but delivery is sporadic. At time of writing, over a year overdue, a majority of backers have not received any rewards. Decks have been reported as being spotted on the aftermarket.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in May 26th 2013 and due in September 2013 - Whilst Vanda have shown goodwill and most are confident that rewards will eventually be shipped, due to some manufacturer delays and poor planning as of April 2014 a minority of backers have received their decks (and far fewer who added extra rewards).
UPDATE: Fulfilment reportedly complete October 2014[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in July 2012 - At time of writing, over 18 months over due, few backers have received any rewards.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in November 2013 and due in Feb 2014 - The last update to the project was in July 2014 with no firm dates or progress. As of September 2014 no rewards have been shipped.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in October 2012 - After delays, it became apparent that the project creator had used some of the pledged funds to pay personal debt, leaving the project under-funded and no rewards were produced. Eventually refunds were offered, and whilst many were received a significant number of backers are still attempting to secure a refund in early 2014.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in September 26th 2013 and due in November 2013 - As of June 2014 Shipping is die imminently and an update is pending.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded May 22nd 2014 and due in August 2014 - Whilst Shipping was reportedly completed in November 2014, many backers have still not received rewards at the end of February 2015[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in August 31st 2013 and due in November 2013 - Shipping apparently started in January 2014; Whilst some backers have received rewards, most comments are from backers who have received no rewards (viewed in Jun 2014).
UPDATE: Final few decks arrived January 2015. Fulfilment complete.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in July 19th 2013 and due in September 2013 - Whilst some backers have received rewards, a significant proportion of backers have received no rewards (as of April 2014). The last communication from the creator was in January 2014, and the most recent comments from Faro Cards have been somewhat discourteous and even resentful of backers.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in February 2013 - Stated delivery target was April 2013. Some backers received no rewards, some received partial rewards - with a significant number not resolved as of February 2014. In the project comments section, the creator is surprisingly rude to backers who complain (albeit persistently) of missing rewards.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded Jun 19th 2013 and due in November 2013 - Last update was on teh 1st November 2013 noting delays and changes. There have been no other attempts at updating backers and as of June 2014 there are many backers pursuing legal action through the State's Attorney. To date 4 decks have been funded for ManMade Games - the first was completely fulfilled, unfortunately the following 3 can be found on this list.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded May 9th 2013 and due in September 2013 - Updates claimed shipping had commenced in September 2013, and resumed subsequently in October after a death in the family (though only alluded to). As of April 2014 only ONE deck is confirmed as having been received by a backer.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded July 14th 2013 and due November 2014 - as of Jun 2014 contact from the project runner is regular, but there has been little movement in the project itself. A 5 month recovery from Appendicitis has been apparent, however, as backers have pointed out whilst his may prevent strenuous physical activity there's no real reason it should have prevented emails and phone calls pushing things forward. Whilst it is very likely the project WILL be completed there are no current projections for when that may be.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded August 3 2013 and due September 2013 - as of April 2014 there are still queries regarding rewards and no communication for over a month.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded October 6th 2013 and due November 2013 - Latest update at the end of May 2014 cites continuing delays from printer MPC.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in September 2013 and due October 2013 - Decks were promised with any combination of 4 backs and with marked or unmarked variations. As of May 2014 backers who pledged for an unmarked "Burlesque" deck have received that deck, but no other rewards have been sent (or, apparently, produced).[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded in February 2012 - Some rewards started to ship in March 2013 (1 year late). Many backers did not receive rewards and refunds have been slowly forthcoming, continuing in January 2014.[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded March 2014 and due June 2014 - Unfortunately still shipping orders in January 2015[/kickdown]

[kickdown=]Funded May 2014 and due August 2014 - Judging by the few comments available publicly, still shipping at the end of February 2015[/kickdown]

(Projects with so little information they are impossible to judge)

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Re: Kickstarter "Hall of Shame"

Unread postby Mike Ratledge » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:08 am  

Check out for a list of other projects beyond just playing card campaigns.

It's obviously still in its infancy, but I just linked our page here into their site.

You can help by posting rip-off projects beyond our world of "All Things Playing Cards" here.

Credit: Ivan of for spotting this one!

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